Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year

2023 is just around the corner.  Supply chain issues have mostly been resolved. I have an abundant supply of glass containers of all sizes. Decorative maple leaf glass is made in the Ukraine and is not available at this time. Also Sugar Hill containers are no longer stocked by Roth Sugar Bush.  I did purchase what they had left in Minnesota label containers so I do have limited supplies of quarts and pints in that type. I also carry a complete line of tubing and mainline so with this heavy snow there will be damage in woods from down trees breaking lines and wire.  Check the woods early in January and let me know your needs so I am able to prepare for that.

Jim Adamski from CDL Wisconsin, will be presenting a Seminar on 3/16″ gravity tubing systems on Saturday, January 28, at the Taylors Falls Community Center.  I will post the start time as soon as I know it and it will also be shown on the Roth Sugar Bush website.

Happy Holidays,


Summer is about over and the Maples are beginning to turn color

Where did the summer go??!!!   We are approaching my most favorite time of the year when the sugar maple trees really begin to show their true colors.  This is also a great time to flag or mark those trees which you were unsure of last spring on whether or not to tap because of difficulty identifying them.

Maple syrup supplies are generally pretty good, Diatomaceous Earth, the filter aid for pressure filters,  has been sold out for a while  but for the most part everything is obtainable.  If you are thinking of a new piece of equipment for next spring now is the time to give me a call and get it ordered.

Enjoy this upcoming autumn season, take a walk in the sugar bush or any woods for that matter.  It will refresh your soul.


CDL Spring Sale, 10 Percent off most everything CDL makes

The spring sale is on and like last year the discount is 10 percent off.  This is the time of year to upgrade, evaporators, RO’s , pans, and  filter presses. All tubing and fittings are also on sale.  Give me a call with your list early so that I can get your order in and confirmed.   Pickup of May orders is usually in late August, early September