Wholesale Maple Syrup prices drop again this year

The wholesale price of maple syrup has dropped again this year from $2.25 per pound to $2.10 per pound.  Maple syrup weighs 11 pounds per gallon, thus the buy price is about $23.00 per gallon. I believe the low exchange rate with the Canadian dollar is the primary reason for the fall in prices.  Oh well, this price will not effect what our youth group will charge for syrup this year on the retail end of things.  Our quart price will remain at $15.00 and pints are $9.00.  All of our equipment is now washed and put away for the season and I am looking forward to the spring sale from CDL. I am hoping for a discount somewhere north of 15% but that might be wishful thinking.  I will post on my blog when I know what it is and be looking in the mail for a flyer from Roth Sugar Bush.