When to tap-2022

It is March 2 and the forecast is set for the next two weeks.  I do not see any hurry for the bag and bucket crews get out and tap. Granted,  silver maples tend to run earlier than the sugar maple,  but the forecast all next week for the St. Croix Valley is below 32 during the day and low teens to single digit low temps at night.  I am waiting until at least March 15 to begin tapping. Historically the best sap runs in the last 20 years have been during the last week of March and the first week of April.

Hopefully we will continue to have a slow warm up with a late March early April snow storm which will result in a normal to above normal sap season.

It time to get ready now though, clean your pans, check your evaporator, get your firewood ready..  The season is on the door step.