Water is Flowing, Sap is NOT.

The warmer weather and rain has knocked down the snow significantly and I know including me, we are anxious to get out there and start tapping. Preliminary indicator tap holes from customers are that the trees are dry, still frozen. Recall the 30 plus inches of frost is still in the ground. There is no sap running yet. One customer put it this way. “It was like tapping an Oak tree.” There is still too much snow on the ground for our youth groups to get out to tap anyway so I will be waiting till next week. There are some 50’s in the forecast so I am thinking mid to end of next week I will begin to tap. By the end of this weekend our evaporator and RO will be set to go.

We will be buying sap this year for $ 0.13 per point. If your sap sugar concentration is 2 percent the buy price will be $0.26 per gallon…