Warm weekend coming

It looks like we will begin tapping this Friday and Saturday.   This still seams early to me as it is only March 7, but next week looks very favorable.  I was out in the woods all day today, setting up storage tanks.  The woods were very cold, and there was no sap dripping for the little tree branches. Tomorrow  it’s going windy, but warm. Reports from people that tapped last weekend said sap is running but not great.  Bags I’ve checked in the Taylors Falls area are less than a quarter full.  Next week will be different story though given the 50 and 60’s this weekend.

Since I will be tapping on Friday and Saturday, getting supplies at the store will be a bit challenging,   if I’m not there I can be in 5 minutes, so give me a call.    Have a great rest of the week and will see you this weekend for supplies.  I am open on evenings and Sunday afternoon as well.