Warm rainy Weekend, Hang in there for the final week-SNOW coming Wednesday and Thursday.c

This looks to be the last week, about half of the customers I have talked to,  have pulled their taps and have had enough fun for one year.  I always encourage folks that having fun at this sport is most important,  so pulling taps for them was the right thing to do.  I am curious what this next week and snow forecast will do for the sap runs.  In the past a late April snow is called a “sugar snow” because heavy sap runs are often associated with April snows.  We have had a blessed season thus far making about 570 gallons of syrup.  Filtering this year has been difficult and I am not sure why.  Tuesday night looks to be below freezing so I am hopeful.  The frost was still in the ground in the wooded areas on Saturday, so there is little likelihood that the sugar maples will bud before Wednesday.  The silver and red maple trees are thinking about budding and this warm rain will spell the end of there sap production.