Supply Chain Woes-price increases

Everyone is knows about supply chain issues and shortages and the Maple industry is no different.  Glass, anything made of plastic and anything made in China has been a struggle to obtain this year.   I have been purchasing maple supply inventory all year long and so has Roth Sugar Bush company.  Current inventory looks really good,  but that can change in a hurry because when we run out of a product it could take 6 weeks to 6 months to restock.   Bottom line is to order and purchase early and to purchase what you need.  There is not one item that I can think of that has not had a price increase.  The largest has been plastic.  Tubing, fittings, sap bags have increase because Canada has approved the addition of millions of new taps in their country which is all on tubing systems thus the demand this year has been tremendous.

Anyway we will all get through it, be patient on orders of items that we do not have in stock and the price increases.  Many times we do not know the price until the vendor has actually dropped the freight off at the warehouse in Cadott, WI.

Be safe out there..