Spring Sale is On!!! Selected CDl equipment and supplies up to 15% off through June 3,2016

The spring sale is on now through June 3.  Here how it works.   You get 5% off any product that CDL makes when your order is less than $5,000.  You get an additional 5% off if you pay cash, check or credit card, at the time of order, prior to June 3.  If you order more than $5,000, then you would get an additional 5% off for a total of 15%.   For example if you were to buy a $10,000 evaporator, your final cost would be $8,500 if you paid for it in full by June 3.   This would be an excellent time to purchase new maple equipment for next year.  The sale is better than I had expected (10 %)  so call me for your equipment questions and needs.  Delivery of the equipment is typically in August, September time frame.   Remember the Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers meeting on May 21 this month at the University of Minnesota’s Arboretum.


Have a great week,