Sap Doldrums

It  seems as though the trees do not know whether to give up the sap or keep it.  Of course this applies to only the bucket and bag brigade like me.  Producers using vacuum will get sap on days we get zero.  Today our buckets were 1/4 to 1/2 full after a hard freeze last night and some were not dripping at all.  The old growth maples at our Center City, MN location were running like gangbusters.  We have some warm weather coming the middle of next week which could pop some of the buds and then its game over.   If we  can get through this next warm spell we have another week of excellent temperatures for sap movement, lows in the twenties and even teens  and highs in the thirties and forties.  We are at about 75% of a normal syrup production year, so one or two more sap runs would be nice.  Its all out of our control.

Have a safe Easter Weekend,