Minnesota stay at home order-March 27

Dons Sugar Shack is a Minnesota Department of Agriculture Licensed Wholesale Food Producer.  I am be able to stay open to provide Maple food products and supplies to the food industry and provide supplies to the maple syrup producers .  My hours are posted on my website and will offer evening hours during the next two weeks.

The maple season looks to be coming to an end early next Week. Night time  temperatures are not fall predicted to fall below 32 degrees after next Monday.   I will continue to accept and purchase sap  through next Monday.  I have many glass bottles in stock however, I am currently out of “Minnesota” labeled plastic quart bottles.

It has been a very good year considering we tapped just a little over 2 weeks ago.

Take good care and get outside for a walk as our governor suggests.  Geese and sandhill cranes are migrating now and there is nothing like that sound overhead.