I Learn something new every year

Well this year’s lesson is “if in doubt, throw it out”    I attempted to cook yesterday following a string of 3 warm days with no sap.  Well that sap in the flue pan had ample to to FERMENT!  It turned a little like stringy snot, but I thought, oh well there is a lot of sugar in there and I do not want to waste it.   Well the lesson is to toss it.  The result is when you apply even a little heat that stuff foams like crazy and it foamed over the pans and out of the hood vents big time.   Fortunately I shut it down before it really got interesting and drained and cleaned everything.

The lesson is that when you expect 2 to three consecutive warm days followed by potential sap runs put tap water in the feed tank and chase all that concentrate out of the Flue pans.

I’m still hoping for some sap runs this weekend and my 3×10 CDL intensofire is ready for the last weekend.