Happy Valentines Day

Wow… a month has passed since I last posted, the winter is fading fast and we will be closing in on tapping time.  Now the forecast for next weekend  has a couple of 40’s in it and everyone will  be anxious to drill  holes in trees.  Depending on the 10 day forecast when we get to next weekend, I would resist tapping.  If you have tubing that’s another story, however if you use bags and buckets, I would wait.   I intend to use this early spell of 40’s forecast for next weekend setting up my evaporator, rinsing tanks and assembling the Reverse Osmosis.  There was only one year in the last 22 that I missed an early run and that was March 1, 2017.   I wish I had a nickel for everyone who told me I should have my buckets out.  Oh well, 1 in 22 is not too bad.

Have a great week and if you need supplies be sure to give me a call.  I am open 8-5, Monday through Saturday, and often here Sunday afternoon.