Happy St Patricks Day

On an average year,  by St. Patricks Day we would be putting in the last of our taps.   This year our taps have been in since March 7, and we have boiled sap 4 times and made 320 gallons of syrup from 2500 taps.  This early season has been quite fruitful and looks to continue to the beginning of April.  Sugar concentrations have dropped a little bit from an average of 3.8 to 3.3. With the snow forecast on Thursday and today’s forecast of sunny and mid 40s, I expect another good sap run in the next day or two.  Filtering of finished syrup has been smooth this year, not much niter sand and the syrup has been light in color, probably due to the colder temps.

I have heard reports that the major retail outlets of basic maple supplies are running short, filters, taps, hydrometers and bottles. I do carry a full stock of those items.  It is best to call ahead to ensure that I am at the sugar shack.  I typically at the store in the afternoons and evenings.  Mornings, however,  I may be collecting sap.  If I am boiling you can get supplies till at least 9 pm.