Happy New Year

We have started the  new year with snow ON the ground and no frost IN the ground.  I have had several reports that the woods are extremely muddy from all the fall rains and and an early November snowfall. No frost may indicate  early sap runs in March rather than later which has been my experience. No frost in the ground is problematic because extreme muddy conditions will exist for the entire maple season.  Several have solved this issue by installing 3/16 inch tubing where there is a slope to the land surface and gravity is used to move sap to a road or trail.

The Roth Sugar Bush  5 % off cash and carry sale is scheduled for the February 5-8.  I will be having 5% off during that time as well.   This is a good time to stock up on glass, taps and bags as well as equipment.

The new Venturi evaporator is in its second year.  These evaporators are awesome and in stock supply is limited.   They are expected to sell-out so if you were thinking of one, now would be the time to get an instock one.   I will give 5% off any order of a Venturi Evaporator right now.  Delivery time for orders is 4- 6 weeks, thus waiting for the sale in February may be too late.

Have a prosperous and safe New Year.

Don Hansen

Dons Sugar Shack.