First Day of Tapping completed

We put in 1400 green food grade buckets yesterday with another 1100 to go today.  It went so easy this year as the CDL brand buckets were light, durable and they separated easily.

The sap was not really “running” yesterday,  .  Oh dont get me wrong, there was some dripping,  but at the end of the day only a couple of inches in the bucket.  These next few days should warm up the trees and the that will get the sap going.   I will be out tapping again today and will not be at the store till 2-3 pm today.    I am here now until about 9 am, then our crews will head out.

Its going to be a glorious day here in the St. Croix River Valley,    get outdoors and enjoy it!!!  This is what we have been waiting for    SPRING!!!!