Finished Tapping and First Collection Today-Friday– YEAAAAA!!

Still alot of snow out there and the sap was running in the sun exposed areas, and we collected 900 gallons from 1000 taps which is not too bad.  Sugar content low,  2.6 percent.  The sap stopped running this afternoon for some reason even with the sunny skies and warmer temperatures.  I will most likely cook tomorrow morning as the first startup always includes false starts for example, leaky pipe fittings, rinsing of tanks, firewood set up, etc……..   It looks to be a good season though. I am confident.  Trees 50 miles north of Taylors Falls have not quite started which is normal.  Thanks to everyone of my customers for their patience with me being gone and sometimes having to serve themselves or wait patiently till I get back.  I love this community of maple syrupers!!!!