Cold February on tap.

No pun intended.  The 15 day forecast calls for below freezing temperatures for highs and subzero for lows, which gets us close to March with no melting.   Oh well its winter.  I did see a new piece of filtering equipment at Roth’s open house last week.  The vacuum filter press, pictured below, worked quite well,  granted it was with clean syrup, but it filtered a half gallon in seconds.  I was impressed.  Cost of these are $499.00 and it is a good price option for those who want something improved over the the Orlon bags but do not want to spend $1,500 on a 7 inch short bank filter press.   I do have these filter tanks in stock as well as the filter presses

Oh, on my last blog post I mentioned, not much snow in the woods.  Well that has changed. Most people I have talked to there is at least a foot of snow and frost is between 18 and 24 inches deep.   

Happy Valentines Day.


Vacuum Filter Press, $499.00