CDL Spring Sale, 10 Percent off most everything CDL makes

The spring sale is on and like last year the discount is 10 percent off.  This is the time of year to upgrade, evaporators, RO’s , pans, and  filter presses. All tubing and fittings are also on sale.  Give me a call with your list early so that I can get your order in and confirmed.   Pickup of May orders is usually in late August, early September

Last Weekend in the Maple Season

This colder weather is perfect for a final sap run, however the wind is bad luck.  I am not confident that a last sap run will happen so I keep checking buckets.  Maple Syrup producers with tubing have been having an excellent year.  Maple syrup prices appears to be heading upward, however how much is unknown.

My last day of accepting sap will  mostly likely be Monday.  If you have sap that you would like me to process, please bring it before Monday.




Sap Runs

This is probably one of the latest sap runs I have experienced.  There was a micro sap run  yesterday. The bucket and bag folks have been patiently waiting for significant sap and the vacuum and tube people are getting some sap.  Hopefully this weekend will be a good one based on the forecast temps.  Temps will have to get a little cooler at night next week however to extend this season.

In the end, we are not in control of the weather, we simply enjoy this sport of maple syruping and getting outside.  It is the only cure for cabin fever.

Take Care and be safe.