Brief Warming Trend next week Feb 21.

Use this time to get in the woods to do tubing  maintenance/repair and Tapping if you have tubing.  Guys that have tubing have been reporting 50 percent tapped and not a drop of sap,   so the bucket and bag folks can relax and get their evaporators ready to go.  No need to worry about tapping yet,  even if you are tapping soft maples. I will be setting up my smoke and steam stacks, prepping the evaporator and setting up the Reverse Osmosis 900 gallon per hour CDL double post unit.  Alot of you have already purchased glass, which is great.  I have a full line of glass. and the decorative glass is getting sold out so do not delay. I have plenty of quarts, pints, 3/4 pints and half pint glass on hand.   I do not have an abundance of plastic, mostly gallons and 1/2 gallons and half pints.   No quart or plastic pints in stock at this moment…..scarce as hens teeth.

Enjoy the warm up and give me a call if you need supplies, I am around most days including Sunday afternoons till sunset.

Have a great week,