Season Ends and Cleanup

I was hoping for a final sap run with the cold temperatures last week, but it was not to be.  Sap sugar content dropped below 1.8 percent and it was foaming badly in the pans so we called it over with last Wednesday.  We had a below average season making about 440 gallons of syrup from 2200 taps, primarily because sugar content was about 1 percent lower on average than last year.

Cleanup up went well and now we are in the bottling mode.  Some glass is still hard to get, 12 oz in particular. I am completely sold out of 12 oz and getting low on 8 oz

I hope everyone had a great season and if you are thinking of trading or upgrading equipment, now is the time to firm up your plans.  The Spring equipment sale begins May 1st.


Finally a Break!!!!

I have been so busy this past week after getting our taps out on the 11 and 12 of March. Two big sap runs and have cooked 3 times, and processed 20,000 gallons of sap thus far.  The forecast is looking good for the end of this week and weekend and then after April 1st…not so good.  The season may be over after next Sunday.  Snow is predicted in the northern part of the state and in the St. Croix Valley for Thursday,  Friday, which is always good news.  I definitely needed a break though to catch up on some sleep!

Enjoy the time off tomorrow and Wednesday with the rain coming in.  We need the moisture and will reduce the fire hazard after those 2 windy days.

Take good care. Be safe,


Tapped 750 today

Put out 750 buckets today, most taps were dripping but not running, Should finish tapping tomorrow with 1250 planned for tomorrow. Fortunately we will have two tapping crews tomorrow.  Reports of sugar content were low 1.9 to 2.3, but now the sugar is increasing.  had a report of 4.5 north of Taylors Falls, yesterday.  Too windy today to get much sap.

I will be away from the store tomorrow till 4 pm.  Feel free to leave a message for supplies that you need,  I plan to be in the store all day Saturday and Sunday afternnoon,

I did get a couple of RObucket units in this week.  Call if interested, these go fast.