Waiting for the next freezing night

No sap running yesterday. We emptied the little bit of sap from the initial drilling of the taps and we are waiting for the next freezing night which could come this Wednesday night. We ran our CDL 600 gallon per hour Reverse Osmosis unit for the first time yesterday and I must say it is the first good nights sleep I have had since I started making maple syrup. No more cooking late in the wee morning hours. We also switched to the CDL anti-foam powder which did a much better job than butter. No boil overs!! Buds on the silver and red maples have broke but the sugar maples still look good and we anticipate a great season as I look at the 21 day forecast.


A 2,000 tap record!

We put in 2000 taps, hung the buckets and placed lids in a day and half, new record for us.  The sap was literally running into the buckets.  I think we timed it just right with the colder weather forecast through April 8th.  Sugar has been running 3.5 to 4% in the St. Croix Valley.  The batch we collected today was all at 4%.  If you tapped your trees at the beginning of March or Late February and not getting any sap you could re-tap.   Simply pull the tap out,  redrill the same tap hole carefully as to not make an oval hole when redrilling and set the tap back in the same hole.  This will remove any bacteria and freshen the tap hole for the sap runs that will be coming next week.  I will be out collecting now most mornings 830am to noon and 4-6pm.  I will be home, available to sell supplies noon to 4pm and evenings.  As always best to call and I can leave your supplies out for you to pick up even if I am not home.

Remember, we are all in this together,

Have a great week.

The first run

Most people have tapped their trees and have had a good early sap run on Sunday March 6th.  Reports are about 1 gallon per tap and not all trees were dripping yet.  This warm spell through March 15 is not good news but the long term trend from March 15 to March 27 looks excellent with some snow flurries included in the forecast. People tapping silver and red maples may have a short season as I have had reports of some bud break.  I have held off tapping our 2000 buckets in hopes for fresh taps for this late March cold snap. We will begin to tap Friday. I don’t believe the sugar maples will bud out as it will dip into the 40’s by Monday.  Syrup is light in color so far. Sap has been reported to be between 2.5 and 3.0 percent.  Definitely better than last year’s first run.

I do carry most types of bottles, and filtering supplies as you begin to cook more.
Call ahead for any order and I can leave it out for you if I am out collecting or tapping this weekend.

Be safe around those hot evaporators.

Have a great weekend,