Used aluminum and galvanized sap buckets for sale

The price of Chinese made sap sack holders and taps have increased 30 percent this year because of tariffs coming into the US.

The Sap sack holders are now $3.85,  5/16″  aluminum taps are $1.85 and bags  are  $0.30 each or .25 if you buy 250 of them.    Another option would be to purchase  my used 4 gallon galvanized or 3 gallon Aluminum buckets with a new 5/16 plastic bucket tap and lid. The bucket, lid and tap setup would cost $7.00  vrs $6.00 for the sap sack holder, tap, and bag.

I know it $1.00 more for the bucket set up,   but I have never seen a squirrel or chipmunk chew through a galvanized or aluminum bucket  or  seen wind or ice break a bucket.  Anyway its something to consider when you are thinking of adding more taps.  Buckets do need to be rinsed out every year which is a down side, however you will not have to buy bags every year and you will keep the plastic out of the land fills.

Happy Holidays,



The Holiday Season is upon us!

Now is the time to begin to think of gift ideas for  those hard to shop for people.  Making Maple syrup on a small scale is fun, easy 

and economical.   Stop in or call for advice on buying only what you need to get started.  It can be as easy as a 5 dollar tap and bag assembly to collect the sap and a propane burner to boil the sap.     

For the experienced maple syruper I carry most all needed supplies for the 5 tap operation to the 5, 000 tap operation.    Thanks and have a Joyful Holiday Season


Cleanup complete! Spring equipment sale now in progress through June 15

The cleanup of buckets and equipment is complete.  It was a long season.  We made 766 gallons of syrup from 2440 taps.  It was about 1.25 quarts per tap which is definitely above average. Any time you get a quart of syrup per tap in a season is above average.  The year end snow proved to be an excellent sap producer.

The Roth spring sale is now going on and the discounts are 10 to 15 percent.   Equipment is 15 percent off so if you are looking to upgrade, now is the time to do it.  Let me know if I can assist you in your equipment decisions.