Happy Valentines Day

Wow… a month has passed since I last posted, the winter is fading fast and we will be closing in on tapping time.  Now the forecast for next weekend  has a couple of 40’s in it and everyone will  be anxious to drill  holes in trees.  Depending on the 10 day forecast when we get to next weekend, I would resist tapping.  If you have tubing that’s another story, however if you use bags and buckets, I would wait.   I intend to use this early spell of 40’s forecast for next weekend setting up my evaporator, rinsing tanks and assembling the Reverse Osmosis.  There was only one year in the last 22 that I missed an early run and that was March 1, 2017.   I wish I had a nickel for everyone who told me I should have my buckets out.  Oh well, 1 in 22 is not too bad.

Have a great week and if you need supplies be sure to give me a call.  I am open 8-5, Monday through Saturday, and often here Sunday afternoon.



Mid January Snow and Sun

Snow continues to pile up in the woods here in the St.Croix River Valley.  With the absence of sub-zero temperatures and a deep frost, the maple season could be upon us quickly. The spring snowmelt and river break up is coming earlier than than it has 20 to 30 years ago.  Snowmelt. and spring thaws used to be late March and early to mid April and now we see an early to mid March snow melt and river ice breakup. Maple season from my records typically begins in the St. Croix River Valley around March 15.   I had to adjust my thinking when I missed a major sap run the week of March 1st several years ago. If I had to choose a  two week period of the best sap runs it would be the last week of March and the first week of April.   The whole point of this is to be ready to go with all the wood, supplies and evaporator setup completed by March 1.   Warm weather and the absence of frost could result in an early sap run this year

I hope all of you are enjoying the January months, the days are getting longer!!  Don’t forget the 5% of cash and carry sale February 5-8.  I have a complete stock of most maple syrup supplies and some small evaporators in stock..  See you all soon.


Happy New Year

We have started the  new year with snow ON the ground and no frost IN the ground.  I have had several reports that the woods are extremely muddy from all the fall rains and and an early November snowfall. No frost may indicate  early sap runs in March rather than later which has been my experience. No frost in the ground is problematic because extreme muddy conditions will exist for the entire maple season.  Several have solved this issue by installing 3/16 inch tubing where there is a slope to the land surface and gravity is used to move sap to a road or trail.

The Roth Sugar Bush  5 % off cash and carry sale is scheduled for the February 5-8.  I will be having 5% off during that time as well.   This is a good time to stock up on glass, taps and bags as well as equipment.

The new Venturi evaporator is in its second year.  These evaporators are awesome and in stock supply is limited.   They are expected to sell-out so if you were thinking of one, now would be the time to get an instock one.   I will give 5% off any order of a Venturi Evaporator right now.  Delivery time for orders is 4- 6 weeks, thus waiting for the sale in February may be too late.

Have a prosperous and safe New Year.

Don Hansen

Dons Sugar Shack.