Cleanup complete! Spring equipment sale now in progress through June 15

The cleanup of buckets and equipment is complete.  It was a long season.  We made 766 gallons of syrup from 2440 taps.  It was about 1.25 quarts per tap which is definitely above average. Any time you get a quart of syrup per tap in a season is above average.  The year end snow proved to be an excellent sap producer.

The Roth spring sale is now going on and the discounts are 10 to 15 percent.   Equipment is 15 percent off so if you are looking to upgrade, now is the time to do it.  Let me know if I can assist you in your equipment decisions.


The Season Ends

We cooked the final gallons and finished at 2 am Tuesday. I could have made a couple more gallons but I was played out and the syrup was not the best.  Reports were that the season was above average, had tough time filtering, high sugar contents, 3.6 and up and everyone was wore out by the length of the season, which was over 4 weeks.   We are washing all  buckets tomorrow, about 2600 of them, sounds ominous, but we have lots of youth and families and it will take no longer than 2 hours.

Syrup prices have not been announced, however I don’t expect them to go up considering the size of the crop this year.  If syrup goes  below $2.00 per pound which is what is was at the start of the season, my sap buy price will be $.12 per point or less.

It sure is nice to have warmer weather and on to spring!!!!

Happy Easter


I Learn something new every year

Well this year’s lesson is “if in doubt, throw it out”    I attempted to cook yesterday following a string of 3 warm days with no sap.  Well that sap in the flue pan had ample to to FERMENT!  It turned a little like stringy snot, but I thought, oh well there is a lot of sugar in there and I do not want to waste it.   Well the lesson is to toss it.  The result is when you apply even a little heat that stuff foams like crazy and it foamed over the pans and out of the hood vents big time.   Fortunately I shut it down before it really got interesting and drained and cleaned everything.

The lesson is that when you expect 2 to three consecutive warm days followed by potential sap runs put tap water in the feed tank and chase all that concentrate out of the Flue pans.

I’m still hoping for some sap runs this weekend and my 3×10 CDL intensofire is ready for the last weekend.