End of Season and final boil April 2, 2020

We had quite a season, Only 3 weeks long and was one of our best.   One point of observation this year was that we made 40 gallons more syrup than last year but it took 2000 more gallons of sap to do it.  Sugar content of the sap was less in all areas of the St. Croix River Region with an average, for us, of about 36 gallons of sap for 1 gallon of syrup.  We generally are around 30-33 gallons of sap to 1 gallon of syrup.

As with all years, I am excited to see the season come and equally excited to see it go with the buds breaking.  Syrup color of the last 3 of of 29 barrels(38.5 gallon barrels) made were dark and very robust flavor compared to most of our crop which was light to medium.

Tomorrow is cleanup day for the 2500 pails.  The youth and families from both Lutheran churches will participate on a scheduled time in order to maintain 6 feet of separation and wearing masks and gloves, with no one under the age of 15 participating.  It is a different year certainly governed by the Covid-19 virus.    We will all get through this.

Please note that I will not be open on Sundays, however, will be available on weekdays and Saturday.

There has been some glass bottle shortages due to trucking demand, currently, glass quarts have been difficult to get, I still have about 100 cases though,

Thanks for a great season.


2020 Maple Season is nearing the end

It looks like two more freezing nights, tonight and tomorrow.  Many bucketeers have pulled their taps and the season is in the books. We will most likely pull ours after Tuesday of this week.  We have had a good season with an early start and an early finish.

I will not be available for supplies tomorrow morning(Monday the 30th) because I am restocking my supply shelves with glass and bottles.

I hope this has been a successfull season for everyone.   Dont forget to cleanup right away.  Old sap tends to mold very quickly in warm poly tanks.  It will turn pink, then black.  Very hard to get out.