Website Changes Coming!!

Soon you will have the option to order maple products and supplies  directly from Dons Sugar Shack website.  You can pre-order them for pickup at my store or I can ship the smaller items to you.  Prices, as always, will be the same as all CDL catalog prices. I expect my webstore to be on-line by September 15, 2020.

Dog days of summer

The heat is on here in the St. Croix River Valley.  This is the time of year where I just cannot get motivated to do much outdoor activities, especially when dewpoints are in the 70’s. Oh well…… It is a good time to begin to think about changes to be made in the sugar shack such as adding electrical improvements, lights, outlets. etc.   or plumbing needs.  It is also time to clean the bottom flues of the flue pan.  I hate that job because it is dirty, not easy and typically you will need help to move the heavy flue pan..   To wait until February is worse however when it is 5 degrees outside.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer as best you can, stay safe.



Spring Sale on now through May 20th

The annual spring sale is on now.   Sale items include most everything that CDL makes including tubing, fittings, filterpresses. etc…

There is 15% off the larger traditional evaporators and Reverse Osmosis units.

There is 10 % off the hobby evaporators, and hobby reverse osmosis.   Terms are 10 percent down at the time of order and balance due upon receipt of the item. Most items would arrive  in September or October.

Glass and Plastic bottles are not included in the sale price.

Call for a quote today for your equipment needs for the 2021 season.