Almost to March!!

We are getting closer to Syrup season and I have had a lot of calls about tapping.  Its going to be near 40 degrees again this weekend and should I be tapping?   Well that depends on alot of factors.  How many taps do you have to put in?  How curious are you if the sap is running? Are you willing to give up the later season for an earlier one?   For me and our 2500 taps this weekend still seems early as the forecast calls for colder weather after Sunday again.  So one week from now will look like the identical weather we are having today.  Cold sun and temps in the low 20s during the day.   Now one could tap next Sat and Sunday and most likely will get some sap.   But, will it be enough to cook?   Maybe, I am waiting till after next weeks cold spell to see what the 10 day forecast is.   March 10 looks to be the day I will start tapping which is a little early but because there is no Frost in in the ground it may start early.