9-15 inches of Snow predicted this Thursday and Friday in the St. Croix Valley. We are Ready for it!!

The silver lining in this snow storm is that it could mean a large sap run. We saw similar weather in 2014 and 2018 and we  had large sap flows.  We picked most of the buckets today and sap is still at 3.7 percent sugar .  Sap  quality is down, a little cloudy and the moths have come out  because of the warm weather and that will change with this snow.   The 2019 maple season is almost over as there are no freezing nights after this Sunday.  I am ready for it to be spring and we have a little winter to endure yet.  We are close to an average season and this may put us above average(one quart of syrup per tap per season).

I’ve got the snowblower ready…